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Web Hosting Infrastructure

Server Information


WebCrate takes both performance and security very seriously. Through the use of high performance servers and state of the art facilities we can ensure that you are always getting the best out of your account.

WebCrate’s hosting services are installed on high performance Linux servers, running CentOS, with between 4GB and 12GB of RAM. All industry standards are closely followed to ensure you always get the best performance from our services.

To ensure that your data remains in the right hands and safe from hackers the datacentre is protected by a set of dedicated firewalls. This ensures that no malicious activity will affect your services or result in unauthorised access of your data.

Data Storage

Our servers uses “RAID” (data mirroring) which ensures that, in the event of a hard drive failure, your data continues to be available and your services are not impacted.

Hosting data is backed up twice daily and retained for approximately two weeks. With the use of the R1Soft tool within cPanel you can restore your data at any time without having to contact support- meaning you can always recover from an accidental deletion of a file. Backups are stored offsite at a different location to allow for recovery should a natural disaster or major event occur.


WebCrate runs all hosting accounts from Linux based servers, running CentOS.