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SSL Certificates

Thawte© SSL Certificates

Your online customers are far more likely to complete a purchase or provide their details if they feel secure. An SSL certificate from a globally recognised certificate authority such as Thawte gives customers confidence that it is safe to use your website. Not all SSL certificates are equal. We offer Thawte© SSL Certificates, rather than any inferior brands, because they are recognised as the oldest and most reliable brand in the market.


SSL 123


SSL Web Server


SGC SuperCert


Wildcard SSL


Perfect for User data and e-commerce Inspiring extra trust Where highest level of security is needed Securing multiple subdomains
Authentication Domain validation Full organisation validation Full organisation validation Full organisation validation
Encryption Up to 256-bit Up to 256-bit Up to 256-bit Up to 256-bit
Warranty 100k USD 250k USD 500k USD 125k USD
Time to issue within minutes < 2 days < 2 days < 2 days
Site seal
Over 99% compatibility
Free reissues
Multiple subdomains
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Which Certificate is Right for You?

The SSL 123 certificate provides an excellent starting point to secure user profiles or e-commerce details. It is issued within minutes and is easy to set up. For websites wishing to inspire a higher level of trust, the SSL Web Server certificate includes validation of your organisation, so you can prove to your customers that you are exactly who you say you are. In some circumstances you may find that you need to secure multiple subdomains with a certificate. The Wildcard SSL certificate is for just such an occassion. With all our SSL certificates you can display the Thawte site seal, which demonstrates to your customers that you are secured by the highest level certificate authority.

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